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The nerd teenager Reed Richards has been researching teleport since he was a kid, helped by his best friend Ben Grimm.. During a high-school scientific fair, he is invited by Dr. Franklin Storm to join his research team in his institute in New York. Reed teams up with Dr. Storm's son and daughter Johnny Storm and Susan "Sue" Storm and the outcast Victor Von Doom and they succeed to send a monkey to another dimension. Soon they learn that the institute has an agreement with NASA to send astronauts to the other universe. However they decide to go by themselves to be the first humans to reach the place. However there is an accident and they are all affected by the power in the planet. Further, they achieve super-powers, but Victor is left behind. What will happen to the researchers?
Four young outsiders teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe which alters their physical form in shocking ways. The four must learn to harness their new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy.
Imagine the worst superhero movie you&#39;ve ever seen. Then forget it because this is by far the worst. When I heard they were doing a remake I thought &quot; this could definitely work&quot;. You see the old movies from 05 and 07 was in my opinion somewhat dull and half decent. But all the flaws from there suddenly seemed to pale when I saw the remake.<br/><br/>30 minutes in I found myself staring at a bird outside the window, and that was more interesting than the actual movie. Then 15 minutes or something later something finally happened. Our heroes teleports to this alternate dimension and they got there powers and etc etc. The INCREDIBLY SLOW pace is a major problem with this movie.<br/><br/>Then there&#39;s the casting. I&#39;ve seen some things that these actors have don previously, before this. Kate Mara in House of Cards for example. And however good they were there it was zero chemistry here. Then of course there is Hollywood back at it again with the political correctness. I don&#39;t consider myself a huge comic-book fan, but every one who has ever heard of Fantastic 4 knows that Johnny and Sue Storm are brother and sister and therefore the flame is not black.<br/><br/>There is nothing wrong with a director who wants to do his own interpitation of a comic-book series, but changing something as fundamental as this is never a good idea. Compared to this, the old movies seem good.
Fant4stic (The first mistake fox made about this film) is the re- imagining of one of Marvels most beloved teams. This is the fourth time they have tried to do a Fantastic Four movie (If you include the one from the 90&#39;s) and each one has missed the mark completely! <br/><br/>Before the trailers came, this film was getting a lot of hate and scepticism as there was no promotional footage or images before the trailer. But everyone had a bit more hope when the trailers came until Fox made an awful move of embargoing reviews 12 hours before the film was released. This was Fox basically telling us that they had no faith or trust in the movie…and they were right!<br/><br/>Fant4stic was an absolute mess! Once again Fox has managed to mess up these characters again and put them in another horrible film! For the first 15 minutes or so, the film seemed to be going along smoothly and didn&#39;t find many flaws in it but after that the film got progressively worse! My first major criticism of the film is that this film is lifeless and dull. Never before have I seen a superhero film with so little charisma and charm to it! I know they were trying to go &#39;darker&#39; but many other superhero films (The Dark Knight trilogy) have done it but still had an engaging, immersive plot and story. The reason this film is so lifeless is that nothing happens in it! It takes them 40 minutes into the film before they can get their powers and you would think the films pace would pick up by then…sadly it does not. The screenwriters had a really bad idea of skipping a whole year after they got their powers! So the next time we see them they&#39;ve already gotten use to their powers! We could&#39;ve spent at least a few minutes and scenes watching them get used to their powers and trying to control them!<br/><br/>Even though the cast is very talented, they can&#39;t save the film unfortunately. The lines they say to each other feel forced and don&#39;t feel natural and the screenplay is sometimes very cringe worthy. The four also have no chemistry with each other which also makes the scenes with them together even more painful! You know a film is bad when even talent like Miles Teller, Micheal B Jordan, Jamie Bell and Kate Mara can&#39;t even give of their talent because the film is so sloppy.<br/><br/>$100 million went into this film so the CGI must be good? Right? Once again no. Some of the effects were laughable and you can even tell where the green screen is in some shots. The worst CGI has to go to when Reed Richards transforms his face from a disguise back to himself. That scene looked atrocious and brought me straight out of the movie!<br/><br/>Then there&#39;s the last act…which I can safely say may be one of my least favourite last acts ever. Out of nowhere Dr.Doom appears from the alternate dimension and gets brought back onto Earth where he is getting checked up on. He then kills everyone in the building and goes back into the alternate dimension with him taking the machine so no one can follow him. He then wants to destroy Earth with absolutely no motives other than &quot;I am the bad guy and there needs to be an obstacle for the Fantastic Four to overcome&quot; The Fantastic Four get to the other dimension and in 5 minutes they kill him. And then the film ends. There was no build up, no pay off, and an extremely anti-climatic ending. Once again they ruined one of Marvels greatest foes! He looks ridiculous for starters, he has no motives and is killed in minutes!<br/><br/>The film has no development, no plot, no character arcs and especially no action as we never see them use there powers for most of the film! Where Fant4stic failed is where the MCU is not and I think that is a main reason for this not being a good film! What Fox are trying to do now is build a connected universe and build everything up for sequels and in doing that the film is all exposition and set up with no pay off at the end and instead of trying to build a cohesive and effective world where you can make sequels and lots of money, they should of tried to make a cohesive, effective, well done film.<br/><br/>I do not recommend Fant4stic and give it a 2/10 and not a 1/10 only because the first 15 minutes were watchable.
A sense of heaviness, gloom and complete disappointment settles in during the second half, as the mundane set-up results in no dramatic or sensory dividends whatsoever.
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