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London, 1904: Seven years later after Jonathan harker killed Count Dracula, he finds out that his wife Mina has gone to Transylvania.
London, 1904: Seven years later after Jonathan Harker killed the count Dracula, he finds out that his wife Mina has gone to Transylvania. Now, Jonathan discovers that Dracula is alive, and he must save Mina.
Dracula: THE RESURRECTION is a point and click adventure game developed for the PC.<br/><br/>As the name implies, the plot of the game is a sequel to the famous novel written by Bram Stoker. Writing a sequel to a novel such as Dracula was always going to be a significant challenge but the producers of the game make a brave effort in developing an alternative sequel to that provided by another video game called Dracula UNLEASHED.<br/><br/>Mina Murray from the novel is now married to Jonathan Harker as also the case in the alternative sequel provided in Dracula UNLEASHED. The story takes place 7 years after the events in the novel. Mina returns to Transylvania summoned by the power of the resurrected count. The underlying objective is simple - rescue Mina before she becomes Dracula&#39;s bride.<br/><br/>The game does an excellent job of recreating the atmosphere of the novel, with dark night exteriors, creaking floorboards, howling winds, snowy paths, squawking owls in the distance and suspicious locals afraid of even hearing the slightest reference to Dracula&#39;s castle.<br/><br/>The voice acting is very good as well, backed up by superb graphical animation of the characters. As mentioned on other websites, the characters seem very real due to very close attention to detail.<br/><br/>Gameplay is very simple, working heavily in the game&#39;s favour with casual gamers. You interact with a simple point and click interface. Different cursors appear according to the situation, with arrows for moving, a hand for taking items and so on. The instructions for gameplay take up just one small page in the accompanying booklet. This should give you an idea of just how simple the game is to play from the interface perspective.<br/><br/>There are some downsides to this game, however.<br/><br/>The plot is very thin, involving few characters and few locations. It is a long way departed from Dracula UNLEASHED, which had plenty of returning characters, dozens of interesting new characters and transposed events to a different location. Fans of that game may be in for a big disappointment if they play this one. Serious gamers are likely to complete this game in just a few hours whilst even casual gamers are likely to complete it in not more than 15-20 hours.<br/><br/>In addition the plot itself does steer quite some distance from its source material, sometimes appearing closer to the Indiana Jones franchise than the Bram Stoker Dracula novel.<br/><br/>But, the most significant disappointment is the ending. I won&#39;t give away the precise details but I will say that the ending clearly sets up the game for an inevitable sequel. This may not seem quite so bad on paper. After all, the Hammer Dracula franchise made effective use of predictable endings from which inevitable sequels continued to spawn. However, the ending in this game is so abrupt that it makes this game difficult to exist in its own right. It feels like part of a sequel rather than a full sequel that branches into a different story. In this sense it fares worse better than Dracula UNLEASHED, which has an ending that makes it much easier for the game to stand in its own right.<br/><br/>Overall, this is a somewhat disappointing game that does make effective use of its strengths to mask its shortcomings. Whilst it is worth playing at least once for gamers who have read the novel or are fans of the Dracula franchise generally, it is likely to prove a major disappointment for fans of Dracula UNLEASHED.

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